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Exclusive products handmade ivory, ivory and unique organic minerals. Individual orders from any products of unique materials: ivory, mammoth tusk, whale tooth, and the horn of the narwhal, walrus horseradish, bones of tyrannosaurus rex and pterodactyl, belemnites, ammolit, megalodon tooth, dinosaur bones, horns, teeth, claws , fangs , crocodile, camel , tiger, wolf, bear, hippo, elk, deer, llamas, saiga antelope, cheetah, cougar, whale, great white shark... By any individual orders handmade bone in combination with a variety of precious materials, gold, platinum, leather, wood, diamonds...

Unique products of bone, tusk, tusks and horns have a refined subtlety, harmony and warmth peculiar to this natural material. Custom- made by hand by master carvers, designers and jewelers Art Studio MJ, bone figurines, statues, busts, key chains, flash, chess, checkers, dominoes, backgammon, chips, dice, Rubik's Cube, knives, pistols, shotguns, pens, lighters, ashtrays, lighters, cigarette holders, pipes, tempera, printing, office supplies, various accessories, buttons, ornaments, pendants, bracelets, cufflinks, watches, phones, tablets, covers, cases, boxes, souvenirs collectible and just skeletons, tusks and compositions are in constant demand among the people who can appreciate the luxury, exclusive souvenirs and luxury interior decor items.


Exclusive figurines and handmade souvenirs from ivory.
Individual orders any products from mammoth ivory, elephant ivory, teeth of dinosaurs etc.
See also luxury gift catalog - www.souvenirs.mj777.com and VIP figurines - www.figurines.mj777.com
Exclusive Figurines Made of Ivory by MJ

Platinum revolver with a handle made of mammoth tusk. Unique gun platinum with engraving.
Individual orders butts, arms, and other details of all types of weapons of bones.
Collection arms of silver, platinum or gold with a handle made of ivory mammoth tusk.
Catalog of copyright weapons premium - www.weapon.mj777.com

Exclusive Smoking Pipe Ivory Bone Bespoke Edition by MJ
Catalog luxury tubes and tamper - www.pipes.mj777.com
Catalog design boxes and jewelry cases - www.box.mj777.com

Luxury sets of folding knife , pens, lighters and other accessories made of unique materials.
Rare subspecies of Damascus steel, gold, pearl, ammolite, ivory and other precious materials.
Catalogue of elite knives, cases and covers for handmade knives - www.knife.mj777.com
Catalog of exclusive pens and office accessories - www.pens.mj777.com
Catalog luxury lighters and ashtrays - www.lighters.mj777.com
VIP accessories catalog - www.accessories.mj777.com
Lux Set Made of Unique Materials - Customize by MJ

Exclusive computer flash drive ivory. Flash card in the shape of a shark.
VIP stick by MJ based on the high-speed memory capacity from 4 to 512GB
Individual orders stick any form of any unique materials.
Directory of flash drives made of gold, wood, leather, diamonds, bone etc. - www.vip-flash.com
Luxury USB Flash Drive Shark Edition Made of Natural Ivory Bone by MJ.

Rare exhibits - collectible museum teeth.
Unique collection of existing teeth as well as extinct animals.
Shark teeth, sperm whale, wolf, lion, tiger, hippo, megalodon, tyrannosaurus rex, brontosaurus,
Individual orders can be manufactured from a variety of teeth jewelry and accessories
pendants, rings, earrings, cufflinks, pendants and other jewelry and accessories.

Luxury smoking pipe handmade of ivory, amber and mahogany.
Exclusive pipes for the elite - www.pipes.mj777.com

VIP keychains and flash of claws, horns and tusks of wild animals framed by precious metals.
Individual orders keyrings and stick with engraving and jewelry carved bone.
Flash and trinkets from the claws and fangs of the tiger, lion, cheetah, wolf, brown and polar bear, ostrich, puma, leopard, jaguar...
Flash and trinkets antler, saiga antelope, elk, buffalo, bison, elbrus sheep, narwhal , rhino...
Flash and trinkets from the tooth of a camel, crocodile, alligator, monitor lizard, coyote, shark, whale...
Flash ivory, ivory and other unique materials.
See also catalog exclusive trinkets - www.keychains.mj777.com VIP and flash drives - www.vip-flash.com

Author knife forged Japanese steel with a handle of ivory.
Individual orders on the bone of any animal may engraving any images, logos , emblems ...
Unique knives, cutlasses, daggers, swords and other edged weapons with handles made of bone, wood, leather, gold ...
See also catalog the collection of knives - www.knife.mj777.com

Unique stick , charms and pendants of the unique and precious organic materials:
Any natural amber colors from white and orange , green and blue to amber.
Unique Materials - mammoth tusk, bones of dinosaurs and other prehistoric fossilized creatures.
Gold jewelry any colors - white gold , pink gold, rose gold, yellow gold, blue gold ...
Black, Pink and Mahogany, Ironwood, Wenge, Bloodwood, Beech, Cedar, jarrah, Bubinga, Zebrano, Marban, Briar ...
Exclusive Keychain - www.keychains.mj777.com, stick handmade - www.vip-flash.com

Luxury USB Stick - shaped pendants fish or any other form of individual orders from MJ
Produced from sterling silver 925-th or gold platinum 777- th carats.
Insertion of ivory, mammoth ivory, bone, dinosaur bones Japanese peach ...
And all kinds of natural stone: jade , marble, granite, turquoise, malachite, amethyst, beryl, tourmaline,
crystal, moonstone, topaz, agate, quartz, aventurine, beryl, tiger's eye, aquamarine, head moor charroit ,
onyx, garnet, colored sapphires, crystal Brazilian rock crystal, norwegian jade, aragonite ...
Flash design for true lovers of luxury - www.vip-flash.com

Exclusive tempera printing. mascara , lipstick and other VIP gifts.
Made for individual orders of moose antlers, birchwood and gold.
All products of the series MJ Royal Edition diamond encrusted identifiers .

Collectible archaeological artifacts. Auction items.
Paw cave bear Ursus spelaeus - Pleistocene age (about 27,000 years). Place of discovery Urals.

Exclusive flash of fangs tiger, lion , cheetah, leopards, cougars, lynx, wolf, wild boar, bear, panther...
Unique hardware of the rare earth - metal iridium , osmium , rhodium , palladium , platinum...
New Elite USB 3.1 Flash Drive Rarest Edition by MJ, from 32gb to 128gb Super Speed Memory.
Catalog luxury flashcards VIP Edition by MJ - www.vip-flash.com


Unique distemper, seals, stamps, inca, flashlights, flash drives , and other souvenirs VIP gifts from unique materials. Luxury handmade products made of gold, platinum, palladium, silver mokume gane, titanium, carbon fiber, coral, jet, ammonite, walrus tusk, walrus penis, legs mammoth horns of bighorn sheep, narwhal ivory, mammoth ivory tusk tiger Panthers claw, vertebra whale, moose antlers, teeth shark, obsidian, meteorites, pearls, pearl, porcelain, fancy diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, swarovski crystal, genuine leather, natural and fossil wood etc.
www.vip-flash.com   -   www.tampers.mj777.com   -   www.seal.mj777.com   -   www.souvenirs.mj777.com

VIP knife rack and cover handmade. Only for individual orders.
Tortoise shell, mahogany, gold leaf, horns, tusks, fangs of wild animals.
Case of any kind of genuine leather - alligator, caiman, python, monitor lizard, iguana, see eel,
ostrich, calf, buffalo, bison, deer, anaconda, boa, viper, sea snake, karung, toad, frog, fish, stingray etc.
Collection of the author and covers knives - www.knife.mj777.com

Exclusive souvenirs from natural material.
Individual orders production of souvenirs made of ivory, mammoth ivory
sperm whale bone, camel bone, bone crocodile, ivory, horn narwhal
Elite Ivory Souvenirs Bespoke Edition by MJ

Black Teeth White Shark - Place finds USA - Age 5 million years (Pliocene) Size 3-1,5 inch
On individual order production of any suspension, amulets, necklaces, cuff links, tie clips,
bracelets, key fobs and other jewelry and accessories for men and women from the Art Studio MJ.


Souvenirs and figurines made of bone. Hand-carved to order.
Apply only real bone premium. All products are manufactured in one piece. Walrus horseradish. rhino horn, mammoth tusk, bone mosasaurs, ivory, horn narwhal tooth hippo... Products of bone and horn different gourmet delicacy, harmony and warmth peculiar to this natural material. Made entirely by hand by master carvers, ivory figurines and compositions are in constant demand among the people who can appreciate the luxury and exclusive interior decor items.
VIP Figurines Rarest Bone Limited Edition by MJ
www.figurines.mj777.com   &   www.souvenirs.mj777.com

Collectible handmade knives - www.knife.mj777.com
Damascus steel knives , jewelry and 18 - karat gold, rubies, diamonds and colored ivory.
Stand black kangaroo bones and black crystal . Applying any engraving on request.
Individual orders is possible to use any precious materials.
Exclusive Knife Customize Edition by MJ

Exclusive flashlight made of ebony, gold 888- th carat and insert mammoth tusks and claws of wild animals.
Elite flashlights, can openers, flash drives, print, keychain, and other gift VIP souvenirs.
Only handmade. Only rare certified materials. Only individual orders.
www.souvenirs.mj777.com www.tampers.mj777.comwww.seal.mj777.com,  www.accessories.mj777.com etc.

Exclusive gifts and souvenirs of saiga horns, deer, narwhal, yak and other species.
Tempera and print cliche stamping, burning, wax, espresso, etc.
Copyright tempera www.tampers.mj777.com and VIP Print - www.seal.mj777.com

Luxury distemper, stamps and seals of ivory (tusk) , black amber and gold 999 - th sample.
Individual orders all forms and colors - multicolor stabilized bones, horns, fangs, tusks ...
Collection copyright tamper - www.tampers.mj777.com and exclusive prints - www.seal.mj777.com

Exclusive seals, stamps and tempera from petrified wood and other prehistoric finds
Dinosaur bone, mammoth tusk, ammolite, nemiana simplex, stromatolite fossils bump thunderbolt, sea urchin...
Catalog exclusive handmade tamper and smocking accessories - www.tampers.mj777.com
Listings exclusive stamps and seals handmade - www.seal.mj777.com

Unique Handset Apple iPhone in the Case of Ivory and Gold Platinum 777kt.
Exclusive phones in buildings made of ivory, mammoth ivory or dinosaur bones.
Individual orders inlay or engraving of any logos,
emblems, initials, zodiac signs etc.
Catalog exclusive iPhones in design edition from  MJ - www.iphone-luxury.com
Catalog tuned luxury phones of different brands from MJ - www.phones.mj777.com
Apple iPhone 5s/4s Ivory Edition Customize by MJ

Exclusive handles of ivory, ivory and pure 24- carat gold.
Individual orders pens and other accessories of dinosaur bones (bones , claws, teeth and tusks of dinosaurs).
These paleontological fossils of dinosaurs and other prehistoric inhabitants of the planet earth.
All materials in the collections of rare MJ Royal Edition come with international certificates of conformity.
See also catalog elite handles and accessories of art-studio MJ - www.pens.mj777.com
Exclusive pens handmade from natural materials. Gold, precious stones, bones etc.
Ivory, mammoth tusk, tiger and crocodile teeth, walrus horseradish, whale bones, claws cougars and leopards.
Handles made of natural stones. Marble, turquoise, granite, amethyst, alexandrite, amber, opal, crystal, topaz, sapphire, etc.
MJ Exclusive Ivory Pens with Gold Case. Only Handmade. Only Luxury Fashion Design.

Dinosaur Tooth Carcharodontousaurus Size 3,5". Age Cretaceous Period ( 85 Million Years). Place of Discovery: Morocco
Individual orders may manufacture any accessories from the archaeological materials.
A combination of bone varieties with valuable wood, exotic leather, precious metals and stones .

Smoking pipe in the form of a skull of a mammoth tusk and petrified ebony.
Individual orders all forms and types of materials for tubes and accessories.
Catalog Copyright pipes and accessories - www.pipes.mj777.com

Flash ivory with accessories from vintage gold 750-carat and fancy diamonds.
Individual orders stick of dinosaur bone, ivory, mammoth ivory, ammolite, belemnites etc.
A collection of unique flash cards issued in a single copy of MJ - www.vip-flash.com
MJ USB Flash Drive Luxury Ivory Bone Single Edition, 64gb - 256gb

Dinosaur bones, dinosaur claws and teeth of dinosaurs, dinosaur teeth ...
Auction rare instances - tyrannosaurs, sauropods, edafosaurs, uranosaurs, tava hull kronosaurs, argentinosaurus,
spinosaurus, lioplevrodon, raptors, rex, deinonychus, kompsognat, pterodactyl, troodon, allosaurus etc.
These paleontological fossils of dinosaurs and other prehistoric inhabitants of the earth.

Exclusive flash drive - keychain made of ebony, gold and lion tusk.
See also the catalog of gift boxes and jewelry boxes of MJ - www.box.mj777.com
Any product with fangs, claws, fossils and bones. Only individual orders and handmade.


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For cooperation and opening of representative offices, please - vip-clients@mail.ru

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